Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Terms and Conditions

I, the man who stares at screens (from now on to be referred to as the "blogger") will attempt to entertain you the blog reader (from now on to be reffered to as the "bloggee") on the subject of movies.

The blogger will from time to time publish posts on this page relating to movies he has seen.

The blogger will endeavour to make said posts informative and/or entertaining, but no guarantee is offered as to the quality of said information or value of said entertainment.

The blogger watches all movies at his own risk and provides any information about these movies on this basis. No responsibility is accepted for injury, incident or mental stupification incurred by the bloggee whilst watching movies recommended by the blogger or whilst reading any posts on this page. All bloggees blog at their own risk.

By reading this blog the bloggee is not obliged to contribute intellectually to this blog, however any pertinent comments will be gratefully received by the blogger.

The blogger reserves the right to be incorrect, ignorant, obstinate or down right wrong. These rights also extend to the bloggee.

This blog maintains no affiliations with any production companies, distributors, religious groups, government institutions, cults, scout troops, cossa nostra or mothers union collectives.

This blog was produced in an environment that may contain nuts.

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